Stories and Photos

Another Success Story

In January of 2014, Wild at Heart was contacted by Dacono Animal Control with regard to a history of multiple feral cat populations in the city. Animal Control publicized the project to trap and spay/neuter, and individuals caring for large feral cat populations replied.

Maya Key, director of WAH and Victoria Mattoni, a board member, drove to Dacono and were greeted with enthusiasm by Animal Control. MaxFund, a Denver based animal shelter provided the surgeries with their mobile spay/neuter unit. Maya and Victoria trapped Friday night and all day Saturday. Altogether, 26 adult cats and 21 kittens were trapped. Surgeries were performed on Saturday and Sunday. All of the kittens and several tame adult cats were brought to the Longmont Humane Society and the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. The others were released to their outdoor homes.

“This is a perfect example of a successful collaboration between a government entity and a non-profit working together on a humane solution to the problem of the feral cat population,” says Maya. “It is so gratifying to know that the cats we released will lead healthier lives and the kittens will find homes.”

Boulder Kitties

These kitties live in a mobile home park in Boulder where Wild at Heart has trapped over 60 cats in the last few years!

Colony management at its best!

This is one of our favorite success stories! A wonderful couple in Lafayette contacted Wild at Heart a few years ago looking for advice and help with the large colony of cats living in the backyard of the house they had recently purchased. We provided them with traps and spay/neuter vouchers and they have successfully trapped over 30 cats since then. They now have a wonderfully managed colony of cats that they provide food and shelter for. And if a new cat moves on in they know immediately and are quick to set a trap for it! 🙂